Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Penny Saver

Maybe it's that I hate to waste things, I mean it comes in the mail every week! Or maybe I'm just bored, what ever it is I look forward to my Penny Saver every week. As one of my friends once said about the Penny Saver "you know that thing that comes in the mail that your not supposed to to read". Well I am an avid reader of the Penny Saver, it is quite amusing, have you seen the junk people try to sell in there!? You don't even know how happy I was to see the Penny Saver make it to the big screen in Juno. Well knowing my love of the Penny Saver my Mom likes to leave me little messages in the message center. So I was pleased to see a message from my Mom wishing me a Happy Birthday in this weeks edition. Always makes my day. Thanks Mom!


Erynn said...

that is hilarious and so thoughtful! I love the PS too. Hope you have a great birthday Amber!

Amber said...

LOL it's so funny not sure why I love it so much haha, thanks for all the birthday wishes.