Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All Fired up

Now I have posted my love for Bossa Nova before, I loved their Acai juice and how they saved a rain forest tree for every bottle you buy. Thanks to my friend Sayde I have learned, much to my disappointment, that Bossa Nova has switched their packing from glass to *gasp* PLASTIC. In my opionion this totally cancels out the fact they are saving rain forest trees. Uggh makes me so angry.

Anyways I have also previously posted my habit of emailing places when I feel strongly about something. Much to the urging of Sayde I set out to email to Bossa Nova expressing my disappointment in their descion to conver to plastic. I also let them know them know, as long as they use plastic they will no longer have me as a customer (voting with my dollar as I like to call it).

If anyone else feels passionate about this please contact Bossa Nova please email them at or you can send letters to
Bossa Nova Beverage Group
11965 Venice Blvd. Suite 307
Los Angeles, CA 90066

And if anyone has any other companies that you have noticed something that is ungreen or something they should change post. I a always happy to send letters, the bigger the voice the more likely hood for changes. Thanks again Sayde, even if it totally fired me up for a bit =P

Keep it glass!


Jennifer said...

Gasp! Bryan loved the juice you sent for the green contest! We were almost ready to convert and now this scandal!

Amber said...

LOL! It's all Sayde's fault!

Sadye said...

OMG Its Bossa Nove-gate!! Sorry ladies...but I couldn't keep the info to myself. I saw it and I thought...uh oh...Amber will be PISSED.