Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being the Change I want to See

I'm not a tattoo girl, if I was I would get this Gandhi quote tattooed on me "Be the change you wan to see in the world". Instead I wear this bracelet everyday to remind me how I want to live my life. It inspires me to think about my actions daily. The new change I am making in my life is to ban all products made in China and in sweatshops. China is the worlds biggest Co2 emitter ( and I do not want to support that sort of pollution. I have also been searching regularly to check out all brands I think of supporting. Every time I think about voting with my dollar (making a purchase) I think about what sort of business I am supporting, and the repercussions of that support. From now on, no more made in China, Vietnam, or the Philippines for me...hmmm this may put a dent in my shopping, although the repercussions of that may not be all that bad ;)


Mandi said...

That's so awesome Amber! I love that quote too!

Jenna said...

You are so inspiring Amber! I love reading your updates!