Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saving Water one Jar at a Time

Maybe it was the boredom of being alone or maybe it was the heat but while Casey was gone I went a bit water saving crazy. So crazy I let our pool water level drop to dangerously low levels, since I decided saving water was more important then our pool water level. LOL. So the the first water saving technique I implemented was hand washing my plates and silverware over this jar and when it filled it up with water I would quickly shut off the water, run the jar out to my garden and pour it on my garden and then continuing washing and repeating this crazy cycle. LOL. I think a larger tub would make this whole process slightly less crazy.

The second crazy water saving technique implemented was removing the water stopper in our master bath sink. Without the stopper I can actually see the water go down straight down the sink, which shortened my usage usage even more. Although both of the ideas aren't saving incredible amounts of water, they are always consciously reminding me to think about the water I consume and how much is wasted. Hopefully my crazy ways help you think about your water usage or if you have you own water saving ideas feel free to share them!


Mandi said...

Go Amber! I love seeing all your tricks! That's a great one with the jar and watering the garden!

Amber said...

LOL I was bored when Casey was gone, I had to do something!