Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Very Green Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and I received a few green gifts. I got some items to get my composting up and running, the book Gorgeously Green and a juicer! The juicer does not sound so green but I am trying to incorporate more vegan, vegetarian, and raw diet ideas into my diet, which are not only healthy lifestyles but very green as well. Organic fruits and vegetables are great for the environment due to not using pesticides,local ones are even better due to low gas needed to ship them and fruits and veggies don't use any packaging and they come in their own bio degradable wrapper ;). Adding more fruits and veggies in my diet means the less other junk and that means less trash from me. Good all around! I can't wait to start reading the book and to get juicing an composting! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes =) And of course the cakes were carrot!!


Mandi said...

Is the compost bucket the one you store in the kitchen until you go dump it in the big compost?

Amber said...

yup!Gosh we went out of town so soon i haven't had time to set up everything.

Andrea said...

It looks so fun! I wish I was there!