Sunday, July 13, 2008

Inner Turmoil and Blonde Ambitions

Gahh sometimes I drive myself crazy with what I feel like I have to do to be green. I banned myself from items Made in China, I slipped once ( I was tempted by that shobop code!) but gosh has that been tough. Shopping with my mom and sister at F21 the other day was torture, my sister kept picking up so many cute things while my eyes were mercifully trying to avoid all the cute trendy pieces I could totally see myself rocking.

Yesterday I stopped by Pottery Barn which was having a huge sale, I walked in eying all the cute items I would love to decorate my house with. But instead I walked around turning over every piece I saw, no not to check their crazy low prices, but to see in dismay the Made in China stamp on every item I picked up. Once again walking out of the store as a frustrated shopaholic.

Another issue blaring me straight in the face is my ever growing dark roots in my highlighted blonde locks. I have been reading about the toxins in hair dye (why do I read such things!!) and my green conscious tells me not to buy into treating my ever growing highlighted roots. I am currently looking into some eco friendly dyes and other options, but until then promise not to hate on my new "accessory" ;) What is it with those blonde's and their inner turmoil? Well we do have more fun right??
Live Green!


Jessica said...

There are several great eco friendly "green" hair dyes out there. Just google. Here's a great little thing I found.

Amber said...

I know I've seen them but i go to a salon to get my highlights I have to talk to my girl about using them. Luckily for me i only get highlights and really my roots aren't really that bad since I do have some blonde in me ;)