Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seeing the Light!

I was flipping thought my emails this evening when I came across one from and it could not have made me more excited. They have decided to use green shipping methods, yippee! Shopping green, now that rocks ;)

I have not posted this yet but as part of my green ways I had stopped shopping from online places that ship their items in plastic bags. Although sometimes still ships in plastic and sometimes in cardboard, but gosh that is addiction hard to break.....must be time for another email.

Anyways I was so happy to see an online company taking responsibility for their shipping I had to post. I may have just have to place an order from a company that thinks like this. Ahh that inner shopaholic turmoil feels a bit relieved.
Shop Green =)


Amanda said...

You think of things that had never crossed my mind, ie, companies shipping with plastic packaging. I hope to someday be half as green as you are!

The Perry Fam said...

Amber, is your blog private? If you click on the picture, it zooms and you can see your address. Just FYI, if you care :)

Amber said...

Thanks Lindsey I did some quick crazy photo shopping. LOL! I didn't realize the photo's enlarged.

Amanda I hope to be as green as you are when I have children, the feeling is mutual ;) I just always to try to think about what I am doing and what i am supporting before I do anything.

Amanda said...

Glad you like the new layout. I think I am officially done messing with it. I'm sick of having to save all my links before I change anything!

And seriously, I don't want you to think I'm giving you false flattery: you really have changed the way I shop and, to some extent, live. My latest quest is to remember to shut off appliances we're not really using (For instance, I have a tendency to let the fans run all day while we're not around.)

Not only is it better for the environment, it gives me warm fuzzies to know I'm doing a good thing :)

Mandi said...

Same here Amanda! I'm really excited about all these changes.

Amber said...

I'm so happy you girls feel the same way I do about being green =)

Wendy said...


lifesize kids/apothia/ron robinson also has "green shipping"!


Amber said...

Oh thanks for filling me in on those Wendy!!