Sunday, July 27, 2008

Solar Power Baby!

Casey and I got a solar powered battery charger to charge our reusable batteries. So I snapped a pic of my batteries charging today as the sun was heading down.

Oh and of course pics my weekly farmers market trip hual! Plus Vegetables are totally solar powered right?? This week I got a wheat bread baguette, wheat sour dough bread, cantaloupe, grapes, corn, tomatoes (mine are almost ready!), bell pepper, cucumber, cilantro, romaine, garlic, an onion and kale.

I already made some more pesto with my own basil and the garlic. And my strawberries are still out of control and delish! My mom and I have BIG farmers markets plans for next week ;)
Tell me about your green weekend, I know Jen was on it!
Keep it Solar!


Shana said...

Always the trailblazer, Amber! I need to get one of those battery chargers.

I wrote a story today about UCSD putting solar panels on some of their buildings, and thought of you!

Amber said...

Oh that is awesome the local community college here got solar panels in about a year ago, even all their ticket machines and phone are now all solar powered. We were so excited when we found out that it was solar panels they were installing and not overhangs to shade cars LOL!!