Monday, July 14, 2008

Voicing my Opinion

Email makes it so easy for me to voice my opinion. I am constantly writing letters (not that they do much, besides make myself feel better). I write letters to my newspaper editors constantly. I wrote a letter to my city asking them to consider composite bins along with our yard wastecans. I wrote a letter to my local mall asking them to encourage and educate patrons not to have their items bagged in plastic bags and so on.

Today I sat down and wrote to Torn by Ronny Kobo because I was upset their company was a reason for my made in china ban slip up. I love their bamboo tank tops but I wrote that I could not support a product made in sweat shops and asked them to consider either adding made responsibly in China (a new trend) or to reconsider and how they manufacture their products.

I am well aware of my one lone letter is not going to make a difference, but I feel like it's duty to voice my opinion, and I am hoping others voice their opinions as well. Plus I know since I emailed these letters nothing is wasted (i.e. paper) but my own few minutes, in which I spent doing something I am passionate about, Live green =)


Jessica said...

oo you go girl!

Mandi said...

Go Amber! Changing the company at a time =)