Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making up for Missed Time

So I had a fabulous time in Sacramento yesterday! Defiantly worth missing my farmers market for for. I meet a wonderful group of girls (Lindsey, Erynn, Kara and Courtney) and all their babies! We had a great day. Thanks so much girls!! Lindsey was so good about asking for paper bags, the salt water taffy lady gave her a paper bag with the salt water taffy in a plastic bag but Lindsey brought the plastic bag back to her. Go lindsey! And Erynn even brought me some Green presents! How cute. And we all were green by packing us girls deep in two cars and carpooling, thanks for the ride Kara. We can be fabulous and green!

I did make it make it to the farmers market today, I went to different one then my normal one but lots of my favorite stands were there, they all mentioned I was not at my normal Saturday market . It was nice to go a different one and check the scene out there.

This week I picked up cherry tomatoes (a favorite of mine), grapes, romaine, some mixed greens, carrots, shady girl tomato, apricots, garlic (I am making pesto this week with my basil I am growing), red onion, corn cantaloupe, whole wheat sourdough bread and more of my own strawberries.

I also bought and was given some green presents this week! I ordered myself a "love bottle" a recycled glass refillable water bottle and a solar powered battery charger, it can also charge other things I will let you know how that all goes. I also picked up some vegan mascara and vegan perfume this week at Whole Foods.

As I mentioned before Erynn brought me some green presents! How cute of her! She brought me a recycled paper notebook that says "Green isn't just my favorite color on it!" Love it! I LOVE notebooks, so it was perfect for me. She also got me the cutest book 1001 ways to save the earth. It has lots of great tips and facts like #41 that informed me I save 15lbs of pollution every 4 miles I ride my bike! Nice!Thanks again Erynn!

I just read #59 before I posted this which says: Think Bigger. Try adapting some of the changes your making to your personal life to other contexts. Let people know what you are doing, they may want to get involved, which will help you make a bigger impact. Which is exactly what many of you girls are doing! <3 Live green!


Jennifer said...

Those veggies look yummy! You are awesome Amber.

Jenna said...

Your blog is so inspiring Amber! I'm glad you had so much fun w/ the girls this weekend! :)

Amber said...

Thanks girls! You all are awesome! I love seeing all you changes Jen! You have really surprised me! And Jenna looks like you really into changes as well.

Mandi said...

Lol, that's so cute everyone noticed you were gone from your usual Farmer's Market. I have been dying to see the notebook, I love it. I wonder what "secrets" it will hold =)

Jessica said...

Love all your stuff!