Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Barrel O' Fun

I haven't posted much i have been busy celebrating my anniversary and watching the Olympics! Here are a few pictures from our Napa weekend. We started out at the Napa farmers market which was not as great as i was hoping I guess the last weekend in San Francisco really spoiled me. Anyways after the famers market we went to an edible garden at Copia. It was gorgeous and so cool. I got lots of great ideas, for my own garden.
How cool are these artichokes?
More local goodies, mmmmmm chardonnay

And gorgeous Napa Valley.All in all a pretty green weekend considering Napa is about a half hour from us, so not much energy was wasted and we supported some local vineyards.
Relax green =)


Jenna said...

Your pics are great Amber! Did you bring home some excellent wine? My parents were in the Okanagan Valley (BC's big vinyard spot) and brought me back a few bottles of a really tasty white!

Jennifer said...

I want to come support the vinyards!!!

Kara said...

I'm jealous! I want to go to Napa! We did hit up Sutter Creek and Amador for some wine this weekend... have you ever been up that way? No tasting fee! YES!